Vegetable Anatomy

An anatomical visual exploration of six different vegetables.

A series of projects representing the structure of six different vegetables

The MRI Scan

The MRI machine generated data while scaning the object both horizontally and vertically. It might be crazy that I wished to bring vegetables to a MRI machine, but I felt that the beauty from the science world could be nicely show with the graphic design language.


Laser Posters

I decided to design the info graphic in 2d but built a 3D structure by layering the materials. Just like the MRI, it showed the data differently through each scan. What I did later was created a 3/4 plant illustration which kept a 1/4 part of the vegetable in the 3d perspective, and then separated the graphic of that 1/4 part to different layers.

App Design

I started to think of some formats that could give my project more accessibility. My strategies for this were develping take away products and also creating a digital format to explore the interactive experience I could offer my audience.


3D Print

It was impossible to create a real 3d object that transformed from a digital model. But, thanks to the 3D printing technolog today, I could print out my models from real objects. Instead of printing out a normal solid 3d models, I wished to add more mysterious elements so I printed my models with meshed structures.


VA Video

I also designed a motion graphic piece which made by my feeling based on each experiments for the vegetables. I hope that the motion can show my audience how I enjoyed creating different visual representations for the six vegetables and how I feel during the developing process.


Tote Bags

I also produced some tote bags printed with my vegetable anatomy illustrations and sold them at MICA`s Art Market. The idea of vegetable totes was focused on welcoming more people to my design concept and easily share it with other people.



Vegetable Anatomy Exhibition at MICA Graduate Studio Center gallery | March 28th, to April 8th


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